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Things to Be Thankful for: August 20


This week, I am thankful for:

–My two-year wedding anniversary today! I am very blessed to be married to a wonderful person like Brett. He’s everything I ever prayed for and more.

–Finishing my non-fiction writing assignment for class tomorrow. It’s been an intense class, and I felt like I was wringing a dry sponge to get this assignment done. But I made it.

–Having the day off today.

–Getting the chance to do a little house rearranging and organizing (new file cabinet!)

–Spending time with two of my favorite college buddies, Brad and Jeremy, this weekend. Happy birthday to both of them!

–Going to church, getting refreshed, singing worship songs, and spending time with our friends both Friday night and Sunday.

–My mom got the MRI she’s been wanting. Now we are believing for a miracle on that brain scan!

–Having a job that I can decide to take the day off that morning.

–French silk pie and parents who drop off awesome desserts in the fridge.

–A clean desk.

–Remember the Milk (to-do list manager). It’s been really helping me keep track of everything at home and at work without losing my mind.


Thankful Thoughts: August 12


Continuing on my quest to focus on gratefulness…

This week I am thankful about:

–An awesome weekend “getaway” with my wonderful husband!


–Air conditioning and shelter from the 100+ degree heat

–The beauty of our world

–My new iPod nano (it will enable me to enjoy music, sermons and Bible while I do housework!)

–My car is still going strong after 7 years

–Caves (we visited Onondaga Cave and Meramec Caverns this weekend. Cool stuff!)

–I found my one of my favorite Bibles that had been missing for at least 9 months.

–Homemade pie and other yummy things

–Being married to my best friend

–Good music that lifts my spirits and focuses my eyes on God

–A break from homework this weekend (although I’ll have to hit it hard tomorrow.)


–Every day is a new day

Thanksgiving thoughts for this week


Today I heard an excellent word at church reminding us that the key to strengthening our hearts and avoiding the overwhelming pressures of life is praise and thanksgiving to God. I know that word was for me.

So I have decided to begin writing my thank you list on this Web site, to help me and also give you a lift. God is good and thanksgiving helps us remember what He has done and is doing for us.

What I am thankful for this week:

–Having great friends and a wonderful husband (I got to hang out with my cousin Peggy on Wednesday and with my friends Julie, Debbie, and Andrea today).

–That my mom is feeling great throughout her chemo and radiation treatments AND that the Lord has been with her, filling her with faith that she has been healed.

–That I have a job that is understanding when I am going through a difficult time.

–That my sister is on vacation and gets to go to Disneyworld.

–That my brother had an excellent time and arrived home safe from vacation in Murtle Beach.

–That Brett and I were able to locate a bunch of tasty homegrown tomatoes for a good price to supplement my not-so-robust tomato plants.

–On that note: BLTs…yummy.

–We bought a new bed…soon we’ll be experiencing more sleeping bliss.

–That my homework for my master’s class is fun for me, even if I can’t find time to get it all done!

More next week… Praise the Lord Jesus.

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First Bloom (in my little flower bed)


How do you like my new camera?

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Relationship insights–best things learned from marriage counseling


Don’t discuss serious issues at night

Purple – Brett represented blue, and I represented red. When we became one, we became purple. You can’t ever turn purple back into red and blue. We’ve become something new.
Differences in dealing with conflict

Strengths taken to extremes become weaknesses

If you don’t read the Bible and pray, you will have relationship issues and will be less happy

Must focus on God

A cord of three strands is not easily broken

Learn about money management – read books by Larry Burkett if you think you know it all. Most marriage problems come from financial issues and bad habits.

If you are determined to stay married, also determine to be happy, not miserable. Don’t use the inseparable bond as an excuse for treating each other badly.

Find a solution that is win-win for both people.

You are on a team; therefore, if your teammate loses, you lose.

(From Sonia) Read “The Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman. You have no room to complain about any relationship issues unless you’ve read it!

Brett: Don’t throw things. Give backrubs often.

The list will never end–take one day at a time.

Doggy Driver!


This was the funny sight I saw today leaving church.

Doggy 2

Doggy 1

Check out my list of books


Brett has now added a feature where I can now post a list of books on our site,

I am totally excited about this, since I love to read. I can list the books I am planning on reading, books I am currently reading (with pictures), and books that I have completed (with reviews and ratings). In additional all books link to, so you can check them out too.

Let me know if you’re reading anything interesting too!

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Seeking Healing: A Story of Sickness to Health


This is a autobiographical story I wrote for my master’s non-fiction class of how I received healing for sickness I’d been plagued with my entire life.

I stared at the pattern of the dark wood on the restaurant wall; it was the only stimulus I could handle. My brain was fogged in a sinus infection. I was on day four of an experiment in faith, and so far, the experiment was looking pretty shaky.

A few months earlier, I had joined a church-sponsored Bible study about applying faith in God to everyday situations. When I showed up the first night, the leader asked us to write down a list of specific areas where we had a desire to grow our faith—not just the easy stuff, but the things that seemed impossible.

I quickly listed: finding a husband, writing a book, and then hesitated as I wrote what seemed impossible, healing for my sinuses. It was hard to write those words on the page. I felt vulnerable and exposed as I admitted my deep desire for God to heal me.

I had wanted healing so many times before, and it had seemed as if my prayers fell on deaf ears. Would this time be different? What if I was let down again? It was daunting to believe that I could be better because chronic sickness had been a fact of life for all of my 26 years.

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A Day at the Farm


I worked hard today, but I also had a lot of fun. A good combo if you ask me.

I was on a video shoot today for my job.

(I serve as a producer for the videos that my company creates for our conferences. Since I am in charge of the content for the opening session at our four big conferences, I work with our production company, Gary Musick Productions, to make videos that make the program more interesting. The video crew is awesome and so is GMP.)

The most enjoyable video (and most popular by far) is the “Meet the Chairman” video we do every year. This year’s chairman, John Duda, is from St. Louis, so I didn’t have to travel far.

In addition to running an electrical distribution company and spending time with his six kids, John is also part-time farmer. He’s got a couple hundred acres out about an hour from town, and his girls keep him busy. (Girls=cows) Then throw in pond with legendary sized bass, a four-wheeler, a tractor and some exotic “variety pack” chickens, and you’ve got yourself the Duda Farm.

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Creating DVD Slideshows Are Fun


My Mac makes me look smart and techie. Sounds like a fully-Brett-indoctrinated person, doesn’t it? (What can I say, I married an incredibly intelligent Mac lover.)

Tonight, my friend Dianne and I created a DVD slideshow of her family for her parents’ 50th anniversary. It looks like it took weeks, but in reality we knocked it out in 4 hours. If you want to see it, let me know, we could probably post it. I don’t know…I’ll have to ask Brett.

Creating the slideshow was a neat experience…it’s amazing how some photos and a few good songs can pack such an emotional punch. Dianne was dewy-eyed after our first preview the slideshow. I look forward to her parents’ reaction. Thanks to Dianne for letting me join in the fun.

Here’s a photo of Diane and I goofing off during our creative session.

Diane & Sonia

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