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Author: Gary Miller Jr.

Gary was one of our powerhouse teammates on the Katrina work trip. He was affectionately called “the Snake” by his teammates for his ability to catch and occasionally be bitten by snakes (but that’s another story). He wrote this excellent poem about his experience in New Orleans.

Like the ripping winds and rising water before them, GOD’s children invaded the weeping land left in the wake of what he enemy believed one of his finest masterpieces.

A land left to depression and anxiety as thick as the black muck and suffocating sand that encased the floors and memories of countless homes and their owners. Hopelessness swam and spread freely through the receeding waves, surrender a familiar white flag amongst the tattered landscape of sleeping trees and hollow homes. Defeat was an expression painted on the faces of those souls deemed by the enemy to suffer, an expression easily wiped away and replaced with hope by the caring hands of GOD.

With vengance GOD’s children ripped into the soggy, mold-laden walls, removing the cheap outer shell of decay and despair the enemy forced those souls to view with a blank stare, and revealed the solid foundation that supports their home. With each section of drywall removed, GOD’s children unveiled the undying, unwavering constant love that GOD sustains, no matter the thin veneer the enemy chooses to dress his lies. The weak, unstable footing of mud,soot and sand is shoveled away with ease by the caring hands of GOD’s children, providing a solid surface to walk on, and leaving a trusted path to GOD’s presence for those who do not know the way. With each rusted nail pulled from the walls, and every dirty drowned memory rescued, GOD’s children left the spirit and love of CHRIST in their place to saturate the wood, and penetrate the minds of those souls God has not forgotten.

Gary Miller Jr.

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