Do you want to be organized? Who doesn’t?

After getting married, Brett and I had to do “the merge”…which basically equals losing stuff, getting rid of a lot of stuff and generally feeling discombobulated. Trying to fit my 1000+ sq. ft. of stuff into his already full 2000(ish) sq. ft. house: you get the picture.

Brett heard of this book, “Getting Things Done,” on some of his techie blog Websites. It’s basically a system to get organized. Everyone calls it GTD, and they were all raving how much it helped them to get organized.

So Brett bought the book and I read it. (Most of it…still got a few more chapters to go.) But right away, the author, David Allen, says that you should buy a labeler and label all of your files, because it just makes you feel organized. SO TRUE!

I bought one for work and one for home, and I’ve been labeling for the past three months. And I’m not done yet!

Every time I open my file drawer, I smile. It’s like I have a secretary.

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