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Don’t discuss serious issues at night

Purple – Brett represented blue, and I represented red. When we became one, we became purple. You can’t ever turn purple back into red and blue. We’ve become something new.
Differences in dealing with conflict

Strengths taken to extremes become weaknesses

If you don’t read the Bible and pray, you will have relationship issues and will be less happy

Must focus on God

A cord of three strands is not easily broken

Learn about money management – read books by Larry Burkett if you think you know it all. Most marriage problems come from financial issues and bad habits.

If you are determined to stay married, also determine to be happy, not miserable. Don’t use the inseparable bond as an excuse for treating each other badly.

Find a solution that is win-win for both people.

You are on a team; therefore, if your teammate loses, you lose.

(From Sonia) Read “The Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman. You have no room to complain about any relationship issues unless you’ve read it!

Brett: Don’t throw things. Give backrubs often.

The list will never end–take one day at a time.

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