This week I am thankful for:

–being able to wake up at 5 a.m. on Saturday without feeling sick (I grew up having allergy/sinus problems every morning until God healed me)

–Time with family (Brett’s on Saturday and mine on Sunday)

–Gifts and cards from friends and family (I received three cards and a gift this week from friends–they all blessed me)

–Two years of marriage with my sweetheart, Brett. Our anniversary was Monday.

–New chairs that will be coming soon!

–No big writing assignments in class–I’m so glad to have a breather.

–Pastor Jeff and St. Louis Family Church (it’s fun to go to church, and it helps me every time I go!)

–prayer. God cares enough to listen to us.

–international food. We had a good time today feasting on food at the International Festival at Tower Grove Park with Peggy and Nicole.

–favor at work and help from talented writers, videoeditors, and audio visual and staging experts.

–our new bed that should be coming this week.

–my parents, who care to listen to all my stories and check out whatever I want to show them. They give me excellent quality time.

–Natalie getting to go to college; we’re praying she has an excellent time and learns a lot.

–the Gospel Music channel: we’ve been Tivoing some really great gospel and Christian music concerts.

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