10/17/08 Pastor Jeff SLFC fri night
Luke 24:49
Acts 1:8
We are not powerless, we have been empowered,
Jesus opens their mind to understand scriptures

I am sending forth the promise…
Stay until you are clothed with power from on high

Acts 1:8 but you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you

Don’t hold to godliness but deny power therein
Don’t go through the motions
You shall receive power… To the remotest part of the earth

Acts 2:3 123 gathered all filled with Holy Spirit, spoke with other
Missionary effort- spoke in other languages

Acts 3:6 cripple, what we have we give, healed him – walking and
leaping and praising God

He is not weak toward us
The power is from on high
God has given us something from above to navigate here
Reason church still here: God’s power

Ragamuffin Hebrews outlasted Roman empire

Power tools- need power to be witness, proclaim good news,

God said he pour out his spirit on all flesh, men and women, young and

You shall receive power
God is more powerful than the devil

Power tools
Leaf blower – only works if plugged in
Believers only work if plugged in to Jesus
John 15:4-7 I am the true vine, no fruit- cut off, fruit- prune to
bear more fruit
Abide in me
Branch can’t bear fruit of itself
For apart from me, you can do nothing

unless the Lord builds the house, it’s in vain

Living things grow
Remove growth inhibitors
I want God to be central in it, ask Him to bless us with his plans

Not abiding in Jesus- withered life
Don’t underestimate the value of continuance

Continue in my love

Believers have changed the world

Rev. 12:11
Overcame by the blood of the lamb

The blood of Jesus
Plead the blood of Jesus

Power in the name
The righteous run into it and are saved
This blood’s for you
Phi 2:9 Jesus the name above every name, every knee shall bow

Acts Demons flee

John 14:13

Pray to the father in the name of Jesus
When you pray

Acts 4:12 no other name by which you must be saved

Acts 2:21 – call on the name of the lord will be saved

Man grandma told her about Jesus, she received it

Romans 10

You shall receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you

Power in the name
Jesus Christ
Name of Jesus is so underestimated

No condemnation in Christ

Power in the word of God
Only offensive weapon
Stand firm against schemes of Devil

1 peter incorruptable seed
Word of God is so powerful
World is framed by the word, in the beginning was the word,
Prayer – God’s word, best thing is the word

Speak the word only
Power in the spoken word
Meditate promises in the word

Kingdom will never end active two edged sword
Holding to the Word, kids, nation,

Jer 1:12
Watching word to perform it

Ps 89 forever word is settled in heaven

Let the word get on the inside of you
Word is a sword

Power when holy spirit come on you
Power in praise
God inhabits the praise of his people

Keep praising, Will line up
Plug back in

Power of binding and loosing
Power of

Everpresent help in time of need
Matt 16:19 whatever you bind on earth, loosing in heaven
Forbiding and permitting

Matt 18:19 when two Agee shall be done
Symphony – yield their talent
When we get in agreement, move mt, get rid of bitterness, strife

Talk to God, read the word
Ps33, ps 1, Romans 8 john

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