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10/24/08 SLFC Tom Duchelle Fri Night

Kingdom of God – disposition not location
John 4
Woman at the well, get a drink, drink never be thirsty, food you don’t know of

12 disciples didn’t bring anyone to Jesus, although they had been in town
Lady brought everyone out to Jesus, see this man who knew every thing about me

Kingdom is not about eating and drinking

By the spirit – not by the flesh
God can make something happen so we can pay for the church

1 check for 1 million, 2 checks for 2 million, in worst economy in the world

Live in the kingdom, don’t worry about what you will eat or drink

He will teach how to know the will of God on Sunday

Growing up in the things of the spirit
Same in Jesus, but not all the same in authority
How to honor and respect

Isa 9:6
For to us a child is born (born as son as the son of man, always son of God)
Government- on his shoulders
Church of Jesus Christ is not a business, club, or organization

– try to make everyone happy with leadership committees
– God sees church as government
– don’t disrespect pastor like a governor

Respected – president
Men who work here serve as cabinet members
Governments can speak to govt
Wrestle against principalities, headed by prince
King’s domain – God set up a kingdom
Salvation – preach gospel of the kingdom
Not just salvation,
Jesus said born again, beginning, entryway, now learn how to walk and
abide in the kingdom

Two royal people getting together, have purpose

Ex 3:7
I have seen misery… I have come down to rescue them
V9 cry has reached me, come down and rescue
Sending Moses to Pharoah, sort it out

He talks about all the “ites” in the Bible.

We’re God’s “Favor-ite”

God comes as a man, Jesus representation of God, dominion held responsible for in God, where he put you
You have a calling
God is spirit, find man to operate through, degree that we have dominion

Pastor Jeff is gift to equip you to minister
Each person has a domain
Use authority- slave or Moses
My spirit can speak through you
God does things governmentally

Heb 13:7
Remember your leaders… Obey your leaders and submit, obey so their
work will be a joy not a burden

Ask questions is good- but to question authority in dire straits
Disciples asked questions, Pharisees questioned Jesus

Romans 13:1
Respect leaders, submit

Live in the kingdom of God, right thinking, joy, peace
Kingdom thoughts in your mind

My peace I give you, surpass understanding
Let your peace remain, peace – force carried with me

God of peace will crush Satan
Peacemakers, instead peacekeepers
Carrying annointing with you, blessed ate the peacemakers

Elisha – God’s prophet in the land
Telling the king of Israel to avoid king of Syria, enemy king- attack
prophet, for those that are with us are more than are with them
If God would open your eyes

1. Meet the needs for nurturing and growth
2. Help you rise up to a new level

1 Chron 13:1
David : if it seems good to you, let us bring ark back to us, crowd
thought sounded good, Uzzah died, David did not take the ark, stayed
at guys house, now bringing to place I have prepared, needed Levites
to do it in the prescribed way

Carts – put glory on a cart, failed
Carried it on their shoulders
Pastor is the head
God wants to bring his glory, God is into government,
God will return glory work under governmental rule
Full of respect and authority
Carrying forth the power and might of God

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  1. I enjoy going back on my site and reading my notes from church.
    It’s encouraging, especially when I need it!

    I don’t think you need the disclaimer,
    do it if it makes you happy!

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