10/31/08 Pastor Jeff Fri night
“6 things to remember”

We need to be stirred up by way of reminder

1 Cor 11:24 do this in remembrance of me, remember how good Jesus is,
that he died for us

Key concept: be on guard from spiritual amnesia

Wicked – blurred the lines of good and evil
Must be careful that things don’t get blurry

Eccles. 12:1
Remember also your creator in the days of your youth
Ecclesiastes is search for meaning of life
Conclusion: remember your creator
Dissatisfaction of vain pursuits

Romans 1 – they became lovers of creation rather than creator
Carrying constant reminder of the Lord will help as you age
Help us with the drift factor

John 14:26 Holy Spirit will bring to your remembrance

We’re in the job training for eternity
Peter: stirring up sincere mind by way of reminder
Stirring: awaken fully
Phil 3:1
We remember Jesus’ birth, death, why he came

Lam 3:19 – remember my affliction and wandering, soul is bowed down
within me
This I called to mind, I have hope: the Lord’s lovingkindness never
cease, great is thy faithfulness
Remember His nature
This verse – essence of God

I love that I don’t have to put on something before God
Remember how Good God is

3. Remember His deeds and His power
Remind our kids morning noon and night about the Lord
Ps 77:12 muse on your deeds
Remember the deeds of the Lord
David, faithfulness in wandering, provision,
Jewish feasts were reminders of things good works of the Lord

I shall remember the Lord’s mighty works and deeds

Matt 16 and 14
Matt 14 – Jesus feeding the 5000
Leftovers – 12 baskets

Matt 16:8 – disciples complaining no bread, Jesus said: don’t you
remember feeding 5000?

Ps 78:42 limiting the holy one of Israel because they forgot
Never seen righteous forsaken
Don’t want to forget
Stirred up by way of reminder

God supplies: flood, Kosovo,

4. Remember where you’ve come from
Remember how lost you were without Jesus
Deut 24:18
Remember where you came from
Return to the joy of your salvation

2 Peter 1- no hope without God
Remember how thankful you were
Sure we’ve all had trouble

2 Peter 1:8 Add to your faith… If you lack, short-sighted, forgotten

Can forget what kind of people we are if we get away from God
Rooted in the life changing message of Jesus
Good to journal how good God was
The big deal is taken care of – purification, forgiveness and mercy

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