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11/8/08 SLFC Sunday 3rd service Rick Huffton
Chelsea Perry intro
When was the last time you were uncomfortable?
Go to the Word, pray, and deal with issues.

What can I do for the kingdom?
We’ve got assignments.

Daily things you can to do
Carry your own weight spiritually
We’ve got to grow and expand.

God is calling us to do radical things and we all must be on board.

God is more than enough to meet every need.

Pastor Rick
SLFC supported them while they got started

Eph 4:1-3, 31-32
Live a life worthy of the calling, unity of the spirit, get rid of
malice, bitterness

Focus on v3
Make every effort to preserve unity of spirit through the bond of peace.

Title: porcupine live, how to love other porcupine
Julia Child doing commentaries, state dinner with Queen Elizabeth,
musrat love, entertainment was not classy, Captain and Teneil, Queen’s
choice – liked muskrat love

Living with Christians is sometimes like living with Porcupines,
Unity- love each other and God, submitted to him

Gen 2 – not good for man to be alone
Not just marriage, idea of community from dawn of creation

Grits – we don’t come by ourselves
Humans desire for connection

Cosby show – popular because it expressed people’s desire

Gen. Unity was shattered by sin in the garden, covered themselves,
hiding from one another

Our sins separate us from one another not just God
Sins destroy relationship
Jesus died, reconciled us to God and to each other

We’re the firstfruits of this change
Every church should be oasis, but not the way it is, growing in Him,
not arrived yet

Make every effort,
good relationships take work

There are no normal people- all fallen, all have weakness, fallenness
Implied in the word effort- fallenness

Forgive, only have to forgive if people do real things
Aware of others’ quills, not our own

Two columns – normal and weird
Someone really good at hiding quills, put quills down with gel, when
you to know someone, quill pops up
Some people not so adept at hiding quills, we call them difficult

See in new marriages, 2 yrs into it, gels wearing off, discover the
one we love is weird and so are we

Same disillusionment happens in churches
Euphoria wears off

We are people in process
There’s porcupineness to us

That’s why Paul says make every effort
Be kind, compassionate, effort of patience, forgive, put up with,

Some things are just annoying
Learn some stuff won’t change, get over it
Don’t make a deal over toilet seat
Bear with: suck it up, shut up, put up with it
Confess new creation, need power of the Holy Spirit
Be completely humble, we acknowledge that we have quills too, you’ve
never been poked by own quills

Like Jesus: remove plank in your eye first before spec in someone
else’s eye

God forgives every time, God puts up with us, patient and works with
us, all humility keep unity of spirit in peace

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