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Today I took a few minutes from my crammed schedule and read something I wanted to… a luxury I’ve rarely partaken of since 2011 started.

It was an article shared by our friend Annie Mueller. It was beautiful. It mirrored my own experience in some ways, especially telling mom it was ok to go to sleep… and never wake up.

Tough stuff. Only now am I beginning to regain my perspective. I found myself glued to news and Facebook searches with the tornado in Joplin. I knew what it felt like to be helpless and watch a loved one ripped away from me. I wanted so badly for some of the missing to be found alive… but instead it was just bodies that were found. I ached for those families.

And yet, like Annie, after an initial angry tempter tantrum at God, I’m realizing He has it all under his control, even when it doesn’t make any sense to me.

Thanks to Annie for sharing her experience. Read the article at:

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