My Mac makes me look smart and techie. Sounds like a fully-Brett-indoctrinated person, doesn’t it? (What can I say, I married an incredibly intelligent Mac lover.)

Tonight, my friend Dianne and I created a DVD slideshow of her family for her parents’ 50th anniversary. It looks like it took weeks, but in reality we knocked it out in 4 hours. If you want to see it, let me know, we could probably post it. I don’t know…I’ll have to ask Brett.

Creating the slideshow was a neat experience…it’s amazing how some photos and a few good songs can pack such an emotional punch. Dianne was dewy-eyed after our first preview the slideshow. I look forward to her parents’ reaction. Thanks to Dianne for letting me join in the fun.

Here’s a photo of Diane and I goofing off during our creative session.

Diane & Sonia

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