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Although it’s not quite Brett and I’s first anniversary yet, he surprised me yesterday and sent me red roses at work. Not just a dozen either, but 18 red roses.

As grateful (and pleasantly surprised) as I was, I had other thoughts that dominated my thoughts as I pondered our first year.

1. It really has been awesome. I am really happy.

2. I’m super glad that we waited until the right time, even it it was a long dating process (three-years).

3. We have been blessed by God. I’m glad we sought His guidance and leading–and didn’t rush intimacy.

I’m always surprised by how much more people protect their money than their hearts (and their living space).

If Brett and I had gotten married when my impatient self first wanted to do so, I don’t think my one-year thoughts would be so positive. We would have had a lot more problems to conquer during our first year. Instead, we were able to have fun together this year. Yeah!

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