SLFC 9/21/08 3rd service, Pastor Virgil

Fight to the center of the universe and shout I’ll live and not die

The Blessed Believer – part 2

God wants you blessed
Reason for the message
1 God loved you
2 God wants to bold the church through you and me
blessing so you can bless others

Gives wealth for his covenant
3 God wants to Reach the lost

World looking for a strong church – not broken, broke, busted

6 characteristics of blessed believer
1. Got to believe heb 11: faith is things Not seen
2 Need to know God’s ways
Sowing and reaping, why and how we give

4 blessed believers must work hard
Work is a gift of God
Ex God himself – Gen 1-2 God worked hard
Gen 2:1- worked 6 days and rested when he finished his work
Finish the job not just your shift

Keep moving forward
Do whatever I have to do to get the job done

Work won’t kill you but worry will
Rather work than worry

Neh 2:18
They set their hands to this good work

God blesses what you set your hands to

Pick a good work

People has a mind to work
Col 3:17 whatever you do, do it in the name of Jesus
Better attitude – got raises
Changed attitude & God blessed me

Neh 6:3
Doing a great work- don’t get distracted
Raise the bar

Neh 6:15 – finished the wall in 52 days
Finish the work

Prov 6
Go to the ant you sluggard, watch the ant, when will you rise?
Ants – lessons
1. Self motivated
Grow up get up and go to work

2. Long term perspective
Winter’s coming
God will satisfy you with long life
Store up, not hoard

3. Work hard during harvest
4. Took care of their own
Not workee, no eatee

Don’t work too hard

Worship, work, play – balance these three
Don’t worship your work
Don’t work at playing
don’t play at worship

Don’t work at worship
Don’t worship play

5.Walk in wisdom
Wisdom – Make best use of knowledge
Wisdom output
Knowledge input
Study for knowledge – can’t pray for that, like praying for muscles
Need to give wisdom something to work with

Prov 4:5-7
Get wisdom

Ways to get wisdom
1. Hearing and obeying the word
Deut 4:5
Knowing the statutes and judgement
And walkIng in obedience

2. Pray for it James 1:5
3. Study the ant – look at others who have wisdom
If you are the smartest, need new friends, need someone to challenge you

Matt 25
Wise and foolish virgins
Wise had some oil reserves
Trim their lamps – quit spending, cut costs
Bridegrooms – foolish no oil
Wise – said no
Learn how to say no

No to loan
Resolved in my heart that I wouldn’t ask for money

6. Blessed believers receive
John 14:24 that your joy may be full
Must believe when you ask
Matt 21:22
Ask in faith

Must have patience
Heb through faith and patience

Humble self
James 4:6
1 Peter 5:5
ask believe be humble

Submit to God and pastors

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