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A few years ago, Brett and I were meeting potential renters. A middle-aged lady and man came to see the house, and they said they’d been together for a few months. She was selling her house, and they were looking into renting this house together. From what she said, it seemed like the house was big enough. It didn’t make sense to Brett.

After they left, he said to me, “Why would she sell her house and move into a rental? I don’t get it.”

It was clear to me. She owned her house. She didn’t really trust her new lover yet. So instead of risking her assets (her money), she would rather leave her home and go to a house with a short commitment. That way if it didn’t work out, her money was still in her bank account.

I explained what I saw to Brett. We both thought the same thing: she valued her money more than her heart.

I see this all the time: people will get into a serious relationship (making their heart vulnerable), but they’ll carefully protect their bank account, details in their salary, and even their cars. But not their heart.

The funny thing is that we can replace our money by just working harder, but our heart doesn’t “fix” so easily. Believe me… my heart still hurts from my mom passing away, but any money I might have lost in life doesn’t even register in my memory.

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  1. i don’t know; maybe the real question is: if she didn’t trust him with her house, why was she moving in with him anyway…?

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