10/19/08 SLFC Pastor Jeff 3rd service Sunday

Neh 2:20 God will give us success; therefore we his servants will
arise and build

We are his house

3 John 1:1
“Walk the walk”

3 John 1:4 walked in truth
Ps 40: 1-2
Brought me up out of pit, on miry clay, set feet on the rock

Eph 2:10
We are his workmanship which God prepared beforehand that we may be

God has made our footsteps firm
Able to do all we could ask or think

Saved to function in works
Before you were born, God knew the plans he has for you

Gal 2:20
Crucified with Christ, no longer live

Heb 2:28
2 Cor 5:7
Hab 2
Walk by faith

I trust you that your word is light to my feet
Expectancy – don’t manage, believing
In agreement for advancement of the gospel,
Be it into you according to your faith
Believing, you shall receive

I’m gonna believe
Ordinary people to do extraordinary things
Walk by faith not sight

How do you retire from serving God?
When do you stop being fruitful

Make known to them the way they are to go
Hundreds of millions of people come to Jesus

Romans 12 – renewing mind
Gal 5:16 Walk in the spirit,

In the flesh or in the spirit

Deeds of the flesh : gal 5:20-21
Deeds of the spirit: Gal 5:22

Announcing peace, walk in a matter worthy of the calling

1 Peter 2:9-
kingdom of God,
Chosen race proclaim excellencies, mercy

Abstain lust,

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