11/6/08 SLFC Dick Mills
Judah’s poem: In the beginning God

2 Cor 8:9
2 Cor 9:8 god is able to make all grace abound towards us

Phil 4:19 God will meet all my needs

God Makes us inclined to give

2 Cor 9:6,7 cheerful giver
Make all grace abound toward you
Take every thought captive

Ever present help in time of need

Dick Mills
Spiritual papa

1 peter 2:2 milk
Jer words did eat them
Ps 19:103 sweet word
Deut not live by bread every word in the book
Job 23:10 esteemed words of his mouth more necessary

86 125- 150 plus a yr
Didn’t want to take up their time, not the one
Single parent, 6 yr old
4 ladies wrote and said he was supposed to marry their daughters,
would have to move to Utah!

Feet of clay, know in part, prophesy in part, down on amplified, sold
10 million copies

Every Christian can give word to Christian, must have integrity
Familiarize yourself with the promises of God

Gen 26:12 Isaac sowed and reaped 100 fold
Worldwide famine at that time, don’t let CNN dictate

Been giving verses 1964 – 44 yrs

8800 promises in bible, 1100 people make, 7700 promises
31173 verses
Promises- no denominational preference

Not literate in first 21 yrs of life
Biblically iliterate epistles were wives of apostles

Hope is built on nothing less than Jesus blood and righteous

Critique your life, Lord, how am I doing?
Start honoring the Holy Spirit
Focus on God who

Your future is going to be better than your past 10x over

Pastors Jeff and Patsy and people to send out, support teams
1 Sam 10:26 Saul annointed, went with him valiant men and women whose
hearts God touched

Gut level feeling God touched your heart

Lots of weddings in this congregation
Lots of babies

Distribute healing gifts to members
Heb 2:4 give your witness, signs, wonders
God’s going to back us up, gifts of Holy Spirit

Couples – kids who aren’t serving God
Jer 31:16
The children are coming home
Refrain from weeping, your children are coming back again
This Thanksgiving, singing the songs of the Lord who year ago partying

Isa 48:6-7
God’s going to take this church to new place, never been seen, original

Thompson Chain Reference Bible
2 yrs studying promises
1 cor 2:4

Teach – groups
Speak – 19 ex where Jesus was 1 on 1

Prophesies – bad rap in 50s

Holy Ann an Irish saint – used book
Ability to prophesy scriptures
Isa 48:6-7
New things for you
God has something new for me and it’s going to be very original
Same for church, won’t find in inquitity

I’m going to do, see, say, go, things I’ve never done before

Luke 1:45 performance of things God promised
Promised, will come to pass

Waiting for promises
Eze 12:28 thus says the none of
My promises will be delayed any longer

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